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Bye Sugar. It’s been real.

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So – Day 90 of sugarless or extremely low sugar has finally arrived. Only 3-4 small desserts allowed for special occasions. No Easter Candy, no sweet rolls for breakfast, no sugar in my tea, no candy at all, no sugary drinks of any size. Truthfully, it was like losing a favorite pet after so many years of loving sugar. It was traumatic, nightmares about Hershey’s Kisses on a regular basis. It was similar to giving up cigarettes or alcohol (to me, not as major to those addicted to those two).  Read more here if you like:

I didn’t want to write until for fear of failure. That sugar once again would beat me at my own game. The game of I can do or eat whatever I want in my free world. I don’t like restrictions; I don’t like addictions because they restrict. It was a no-win situation. Like Kirk, I do not believe in no-win situations, so I rigged the game. I tricked my system into thinking that I was not really giving it up completely, which I did not 100% as that is nearly impossible. However, the restrictions are in place and practiced. I hope I can keep strict with myself on a daily basis with these few thoughts: (1) do not eat sugar alone. (2) It will be permissible to eat not occasionally, but rarely and hoping for not more than two times per month.

Some may disagree about the addition concept, i.e., those who are already addicted or predisposed to having cravings for sugar. I had to go with what my body was telling me, which was – HA, try to prove that your bodies molecules are not affected by C12H22O11. How did this blog know to subscript? I’m telling you (those who are still listening and not afraid of the concept of eliminating sugar), I was sick, depressed, withdrawal symptoms existed, like stomach aches. It was like an exorcism. It had to be a nasty habit at the least. I would reach for the sugar carton at work when I was getting my tea, I would pick up a sweet without thinking. I still want to eat tons of sugary stuff, so it’s embedded and may take ten years to stop it from affecting me. We’ll see.

Do I feel better without? I have been energized. Calorie consumption has been cut by about 1/3.  Progress – not perfection, but hoping that the end result will be no insulin or further restrictions. Restrict the culprit, not the person. Love Gin



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